The following list includes a variety of topics in books and DVDs that provide great discussions in Life Groups. These items be found to the left as you enter the church library, and some may be checked out from Randy Russell’s office. Please take full advantage of them.

We desire for each Life Group to study the Gospel Centered Life at some point during their first year together. Next we recommend studying Sonship and Gospel Transformation continued growth in following Jesus. Life Groups can also discuss recent sermons. Occasionally the church leadership will encourage a special theme, such as our church-wide study of The Story. Finally there are many themes and resources to study, which are recommended by Randy & Jay.

Following the Gospel-Centered Life, Sonship and Gospel Transformation offer a curriculum for continued growth in following Jesus.


Discipleship/ Following Jesus

  1. Gospel Centered Life, study book (CHBC library)
    Introductory discipleship of gospel and grace
  2. Sonship, study book (CHBC library)
    16 lessons of living life in light of the Cross
  3. Gospel Transformation, study book (CHBC library)
    6 lessons of gospel living, from faith to fruit of the Spirit
  4. Discipleship Essentials, study book (CHBC library)
    26 insightful lessons with scripture, readings and thought questions

Approaching Seekers

  1. Christianity Explored, DVDs (RR office)
    Group material and dynamics similar to the Alpha course
  2. The Reason for God by Tim Keller, DVDs & book (library & RR office)
    Live and unscripted, Keller interviews people with doubts and objections
  3. Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels, book & DVD (CHBC library)
    Being genuine and reaching out with Christ’s love

Spiritual Living

  1. A Spiritual Formation Workbook by Smith & Greybeal (RR office)
    6 Christian traditions provide practical action steps to your spiritual life
  2. God’s Image/ Self-Image by Randy Russell
    The Christian Life is our life transformed to be like Jesus
    PDF available upon request from the author, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Conformed to His Image by Kenneth Boa, book (CHBC library)
    Twelve approaches to Christian living that give a wholistic understanding
  4. The Great Omission by Dallas Willard, book (CHBC library)
    The best of Dallas Willard, emphasizing becoming and making disciples
  5. The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith, book (CHBC library)
    Spiritual transformation through practical activities, like sleeping
  6. Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard, DVDds (CHBC library)
    13 lessons, learning Christlikeness from Dallas Willard
  7. Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, DVDs (CHBC library)
    13 lessons, learning classic spiritual disciplines from Richard Foster
  8. Clarifying the Bible, DVD (RR office)
    Understanding the Bible’s 66 books and timeline


  1. Prayer, Does it Make Any Difference by Philip Yancey. Book (CHBC library)
    Practical insight into the dynamics of conversing with God
  2. Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home by Richard Foster, book (CHBC library)
    Understanding prayer by describing various types of prayer
  3. The Only Necessary Thing by Henri Nouwen, book (CHBC library)
    Gleaning the essence of prayer through the writings of Henri Nouwen

Building Community – Small Groups

  1. Small Groups Leaders Handbook by Jimmy Long & others (CHBC library)
    Basics on the dynamics of small groups from our own Jimmy Long


  1. Beyond Boundaries by John Townsend, DVD (library & RR office)
    Learning and growing through difficult relationships


  1. Love and Respect by the Eggerichs’, DVDs (library & RR office)
    Import 7 hours of a great marriage retreat into your group
  2. The Meaning of Marriage by Tim & Kathy Keller, book (CHBC library)
    ‘…elevates marriage, making it something beautiful, holy & lovely’
  3. As for Me and My House by Walter Wangerin, book (library & RR office)
    ‘… powerful transparent personal and teaching moments’
  4. PREP: Fighting for Your Marriage, secular DVDs (library & RR office)
    Excellent training on communication & conflict resolution


  1. Parenting with Purpose, study book (RR office)
    Principles and challenges facing parents today


  1. The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn, book (library & RR office)
    A summary of financial stewardship of God’s resources
  2. Financial Peace University, DVDs (RR office)
    Offers practical financial advice by Biblical principles

Personal assessments

  1. Spiritual Gifts, Talents & Opportunities from the CHBC website
    Assess your gifts and find your passions on our own website
  2. Emotional Health Inventory, from the Emotionally Healthy Church website
    Find how you & your group expresses emotional caring
    If unable to access, type in the web address or receive a copy from Randy
  3. Do What You Are by Paul Tieger, secular book (RR office)
    Personality Types for Career Choices

Advanced Christian Life Training


  1. Christian Beliefs by Elliot Grudem, book (CHBC library)
    20 basics explained so every Christian can understand
  2. The Word from the Center for Church Based Training, study book
    12 studies of Christian beliefs including scripture, articles, and questions

Church History

  1. Church History in Plain Language by Bruce Shelley, book (CHBC library)
    An easy to understand survey documenting two millennia of the church


  1. The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller, (CHBC library)
    Keller’s helpful book challenging seekers and enlightening believers
  2. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, book & DVD (library & RR office)Interviews with experts: Could Jesus be the Son of God?
  3. The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel, book & DVD (library & RR office)
    Interviews with experts concerning questions about Christianity Christianity/dp/0310234697

Biblical Interpretation

  1. Living by the Book by Howard Hendricks, DVDs (CHBC library)
    Step by step methods to understand the Bible: observe, interpret, apply
  2. Whole Bible Commentary New Bible Commentary, IVP, book (CHBC library)
    The Old and New Testaments are given coverage in one volume

Biblical Training

  1. A free audio online seminary for growing deeper in Biblical understanding

New Testament

  1. Tyndale New Testament commentaries, books (CHBC library)
    Easy to understand commentators bring a breadth of wisdom


  1. Seven Laws of the Teacher by Howard Hendricks, DVDs (CHBC library)
    7 principles for teachers and learners to be effective

Caring Community

  1. Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey, book (CHBC library)
    An excellent storyline about God’s fairness, distance, and silence
  2. Where is God When it Hurts? by Philip Yancey, book (CHBC library)
    Explaining the reality of God’s involvement with physical suffering
  3. Mourning into Dancing by Walter Wangerin, book (CHBC library)
    A story tells us how a family deals with loss and the stages of grief
  4. Every Man’s Battle, book (CHBC library)
    Men dealing with temptation, lust and forgiveness


  1. The Search to Belong by Joseph Myers, book (CHBC library)
    A practical guide for building a community of believers

Shepherding Leadership

  1. The Shepherd Leader by Timothy Witmer, book (CHBC library)
    Equipping leaders to know and care for their congregation
  2. The Way of the Shepherd by Leman & Pentak, book (library & RR office)
    A parallel story between a shepherding ranch and a business school

Missional Living

  1. Shaped by God’s Heart by Milfred Minatrea, book (CHBC library)
    Best practices for churches to be missional (outward) to post-moderns
  2. 10 Simple Ways to be missional in your world
    (+ many other sites)

Mission Communities

  1. Launching Missional Communities – A Field Guide by Mike Breen, (RR)
    The foremost book on developing midsize groups for discipling & mission
  2. The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman, book (library & RR)
    A classic understanding about Jesus discipling His apostles
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