Getting Started: Explore volunteering

As "missionaries in our worlds," we have the awesome privilege of serving in Christ's name and bringing His light to wherever we are. Here at Chapel Hill Bible Church, we desire for you to discover the unique giftedness that God has created in you, and then use those gifts, passions, interests, and skills to make an impact in the world in His name.

We welcome you to join us in volunteering to serve our King - according to your giftedness, passions, skills, experiences, and life situation. Formal membership is not a prerequisite to serving; however, some opportunities require an application process (i.e. working directly with children or youth). For some people, weekly opportunities may be where they feel called; others have schedules that allow much less frequent involvement. Feel free to try out several opportunities to find one that best suits you.

Check out these pathways to identify service opportunities for volunteering:

Explore the CHBC Website:

You will be able to get an idea of volunteers in action by exploring the various parts of this website.

Contact leader of the ministry in which you're interested:

Feel free to contact a team leader directly, to inquire how you can get involved in the ministry they lead.

Unsure where to begin? Discovering Your Place of Impact is your next step in finding your place to serve.

For any questions regarding volunteering at CHBC, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit the Information Desk in the foyer for personal assistance.