90 Days of Prayer

90DaysOfPrayerAs part of Revive, the Bible Church wants to display the importance of prayer and the role it plays in our everyday lives. From lifting up praises and concerns to intentional fasting from food or comforts, it is our hope that we, as a church, would come together and seek the Lord through prayer.

A prayer area has been provided outside of the auditorium for anyone who wishes to come during building hours. You will find a prayer wall, devotional pamphlets, and seating for all. There will also be special events each month that will highlight some aspect of prayer. Lastly, the Bible Church has taken efforts to develop a prayer devotional written by members of this church. An article will be released each week and uploaded to this page. May the Lord bless this time as we earnestly seek Him through prayer.

“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.
This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” 1 John 5:13-14

Why Do We Pray?

   So…why do you pray?

Because we are supposed to?
Because God wants us to?
Because it's how God gets things done?

While each of these is somewhat true, they are not the main motivation to pursue God in prayer - at least not for me. I think one of the most understated reasons for prayer is this: God desires to meet with us.

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Faith-filled Prayer

I am usually honored when someone asks me to pray for him or her. However, on occasion, a thought pierces me and shoves me like a bully saying, “who are you to pray on behalf of them?”

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Prayer for the Restless

When I was little my grandfather would take me up his mountain trails and teach me Bible verses. He had about a dozen scattered along the trail wood burned onto plaques. To this day those are my favorite verses. I can clearly recall the very first- only about 2 minutes into the hike- and it said “Be still and know that I am God” Ps. 46:10. Looking back I realize how lucky I was to learn that verse in such an environment. Surrounded by nature, and the glorious silence of the world. Now as a young 20-something I long for those simple times, but the message inscribed on the trail still rings true.

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Spiritual Amnesia

Paul Tripp is a pastor, biblical counselor, prolific author, and speaker. During my freshman year of college, he spoke at a conference that I attended. A point that he made in passing during a session has returned to my mind many times since then. It was this: Christians are a unique kind of amnesiacs. We are forgetful people. As believers in Christ, we know and trust the Son of God. We trust that God the Father loves us; we know that he provides for us, and we believe that he empowers us to live godly lives.Though we say that we know these things, trust these characteristics, and believe these promises, we still sin. We still choose to trust our own power and believe that our circumstances are all encompassing. We don’t know how we can possibly show grace to that annoying coworker and we struggle to trust that God will restore that relationship. Satan issued the first invitation to forget God’s true words and promises in Genesis 3:1 when he said, “Did God actually say?” Since then, each and every day, humanity has forgotten God’s characteristics and the promises that he has made.

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Prayer for the Pragmatist

Prayer for the Pragmatist

I am a pragmatist – I think about function over form, and I generally follow my reason, my thinking and the evidence that is in front of me when making decisions. And I am willing to be diligent and to work hard toward a goal that is important to me. It is a privilege to serve CHBC as Church Administrator and be able to apply my gifts and skills to serving its needs every day.

When it comes to my prayer life, I don’t have any trouble praying earnestly and fervently for my friends and loved ones who are sick, who are going through a hard time, who are facing a decision or have experienced a disappointment or grief. God wants to hear about our needs, I know, and he is eager to listen and to show how much he loves us in answering our prayers.

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