Being transformed by the Gospel: Our lives, our cities, and our world

What is the Gospel?
The Gospel is the life-changing, world-reconciling Good News that Jesus came, lived, died for our sins and was raised to give us life now and forever. By accepting Jesus' sacrifice, we are saved and restored to an eternal relationship with God.


Built on the Gospel foundation, three vision pillars support our mission of being transformed by the Gospel. Every decision -- relational, ministerial, administrative -- aligns with the three pillars of Gospel Message, Gospel Community and Gospel Mission.

Gospel: Message

  • The Bible, God's Word, is our source of Truth.
  • The entire story of the Bible tells the Gospel and the Gospel is in every story.
  • Preaching the Bible is the bow of the ship, leading forward.
  • People saturated with Biblical teaching have tender hearts and eager hands for God.
  • Biblical curiosity and learning are lifelong spiritual habits.
  • Everything we do should be informed by the Gospel.

Gospel: Community

  • Walking with others who are pursuing Jesus is the Gospel lifestyle.
  • In community, we are discipled by and discipling others.
  • Investing in a Life Group yields spiritual returns.
  • A Gospel culture fosters a relational atmosphere.
  • The Gospel calls for a diversity in gender, age, and ethnicity...a reflection of our cities.
  • The local church is God's central plan for community.

Gospel: Mission

  • Every Christian is a missionary.
  • We have spheres of influence (local, regional, global) to reach with the Good News.
  • We are a presence of mercy in our cities. We do not separate the verbal announcement of the Gospel from the mercy we show in light of the Gospel.
  • The church is a training ground for ministry, both lay and vocational.
  • God will call men and women to share the Gospel among the nations. Our role is to equip and support them.


What about discipleship and worship? As we commit to and embody this mission and its three pillars, we will engage in discipleship and worship. In fact, this mission and vision adds up to worship. The Gospel message, community, and mission bring glory to God the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Beliefs (Statement of Faith)