The office of elder is Biblically mandated and thus one of the most important factors of a healthy church. The Elders are called to shepherd the church, taking into account the whole person, using the Word of God as the fundamental means of ministry. This includes church-wide leadership, vision and strategy, ministry leadership, responsibility for the teaching ministry of the church, as well as pastoral care for the individual members and attendees of the church in such matters as prayer, counsel and guidance. The goals of the shepherding ministry of the Elders are to teach, care for, equip for service, and protect the people who call this their church home. The lives of these men are to display the attitude of servant-leadership that Jesus modeled.

The qualifications and responsibilities of the Elders are defined in our Constitution and our Bylaws. The biblical basis for the office of elder has its roots in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

The office of elder was first described in the Old Testament. Their functions included:

  • Sitting at the gate to dispense wisdom, make rulings, apply the law, and protect the people.
  • They were singled out to help Moses, share the Spirit, and do the above for the whole nation [Numbers 11]


There are several terms used to name the same role in the New Testament. They include “elder,” “overseer,” “shepherd,” “leader,” and “bishop.” Their functions include:

  • Directing the affairs of the church [1 Timothy 5:17, Acts 6]
  • Praying and interceding for the sick [Acts 6:4, James 5:14]
  • Ministering from the word of God through: reading it publicly, preaching and teaching it, and encouraging others with it [Hebrews 13:7, 1 Timothy 4:13, Titus 1:9]
  • Delegating tasks that keep them from prayer and ministry of the word [Acts 6:1-6]
  • Refuting those who oppose sound doctrine [Acts 20:28-31, Titus 1:9]
  • Resolving disputes [Acts 15]
  • Laying on hands to ordain or bless [1 Timothy 4:14,5:22]
  • Being an example to the flock [1 Peter 5:3]

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Current Elders (term ending year follows name)

Mike Cassidy ('20)
Ray Esclamado ('18) Elder Chair
Walker Hicks ('18)
Rick Hove ('18)
Eric McKiddie
Bob Portman ('20)
Don Roberts ('18)
Dwight Thomas ('19)
Jay Thomas
Ben Thomason ('20)
Young Whang ('20)
Ben Yeager ('20)

In addition, Rodrigo Dinsmore and Matt Smith serve as elders and staff pastors, but are not currently serving on the directional board.