The deacons assist the Board of Elders in the administration of the church. They are responsible for the physical properties and financial matters of the church, and they serve as the directors of the corporation for civil matters.  Specific responsibilities of the deacons include providing for the needs of Sunday worship services and presenting a budget proposal to be voted on at the annual congregational meeting.  Deacons are prepared to assist the elders in guiding the spiritual life of the church. By nature of their role, these men and women must be servants at heart.

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Current Deacons (term ending year follows name)

Doug Marchuk, Chair ('18)
Bill Commander ('20)
Lisa Gramann ('18)
Tao Huang ('20)
Tom Kemble ('19)
Saundra Smoak ('20)
Laine Stewart ('20)
Kimberly Ulmer ('19)
Charles Watson ('19)
Shannon Witherow ('20)
Jerry Wooten ('18)

Many deacons have specific areas of responsibility with relation to the operations of the church. For example, deacons are responsible for the preparation of the Communion elements, and for getting the baptism pool ready when needed. Deacons also lead groups of volunteers in indoor and outdoor projects on workdays and other occasions. Many deacons are involved with ministry teams, as well, and may take on key projects for the church.